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More than a fly rod...


As Vandalia Rodworks celebrates 10 years (2003-2013) I want to celebrate the idea that is #VRW. It began as a passion to create handcrafted bamboo rods - a fishing instrument with soul - but quickly expanded to more of an idea. An expression of angling art and conservation of the resources that we all love so much. I have collected many accolades from media across the country from rod artistry to film-making and photography. However, at the core of the business lies a passion for the resource and how we can enhance our fishing experience when we leave the city and lose ourselves in the blue-lines.

I've caught dozens of native salmonid sub-species all across the Western USA with my Vandalia one-weight bamboo rod. It is a rod filled with stories.

Chris Shockey - National Leadership Council Representative, WV Trout Unlimited


The most comfortable hat I've ever worn!

Brook Pauley - Owner, Rocky Brook Sinkers

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